Sims 3-4

Sims 3-4

четверг, 4 июня 2015 г.


размер участка 30х20
стоимость 46 тыс.

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  1. Восхитительно!
    Слышится и гул голосов, и аромат благовоний и специй. Удивительно, насколько передан колорит Востока.

  2. Truly amazing! It looks so real! Beautiful! I love!

  3. It's so amazing! But I have one big big problem.
    I've saved the mods into the correct directory mods and the tray into the directory trays. The mods are availible and working fine, but I can't find the tray.
    I went to the gallery, to the bibliotec, say show absolutely all but there isn't this beautiful tray :(

    Could you push it to the community and tell me how to find it or can anybody help me. I wanna go to this market place :(

    1. To work correctly you need:
      in the gallery "advanced" tick "add additional content" and "include foreign content."